herbst remixed

29% documentation
47% video
24% info
If even normal festivals are generally overwhelming, then “Truth is concrete” is all the more so: you’re bound to miss things, you make decisions, perhaps regret them, and then you’ve got the next one to make. “herbst remixed” documents and remixes, picks up, observes and this time streams non-stop during the marathon camp. What has been, what is to come? Who was there, where was I?
In the camp, on the Net and at selected venues, a video record accompanies steirischer herbst and everything that is going on. A collection of images in progress, a mash-up, a collage, every day new, every day more.

herbst remixed Videos

By Ulrich A. Reiterer / sofa23.net (A)
Collaboration Stephan Bergmann, Jona Hoier & Julian Stampfer (A)

Date and Facts

21/09 - 14/10
Camp & ORF2

21/09 - 28/09

Camp, festival centre